I don't like being in the situation where I need to give excuses. I would rather just be killin it all the time. But I've been slacking on updating KerBop and I owe an apology for that.

But I have good reasons!

First, I was really busy for a few weeks creating this comic for this Anthology and it was a giant project because I decided to watercolor it (I was going to do 2 comics for this anthology but that proved to be too much.) The deadline really snuck up on me and suddenly it's all I was doing for over a week.

And then, once that was over, I was told that 2 submissions I have due for (name of publisher withheld in order to avoid bad juju) are due on Sep 30 instead of Dec 15 like was originally said :o Now, this also happens to be the deadline for this and this, both of which I was planning to submit comics to... And as if that weren't enough, on the 17th I'm supposed to have this new comic blog done in time for this event and I'm currently just trying to churn out content for it.

So yeah. And that doesn't even include actual work like for-money-work that I'm somehow doing on the side of all this. All in all it feels like I'm chasing a train most days right now... And it also seems like every point in the future where I look forward to saying "there, that's when my schedule's gonna finally open up," suddenly the universe goes "ok cool" and dumps a whole lot of new unexpected shiz in there. Let's just say there's been plenty of opportunity to practice ways to navigate overwhelm haha. Honestly most of the time it is pretty invigorating but I am sad that the whole rush has been taking me away from KerBop. I really do have big plans for this comic and it's one of the things I wanted to be sure to apply myself into this fall. This fall has just turned into a wacky parade of contests and publications and competitions (all of which I want and need and am after... So I have been diving after them... but they have indeed been swelling up to fill my time)

So to you, who have found your way to KerBop, I really really really hope you come back-- I know that in webcomics you can't say that and shouldn't say that, but I just need some more weeks to do these submissions-- there's just this glut of them this month. I know this has backfired before a couple times, in October I plan to dive back into KerBop in a big way. I will do everything I can to hold myself to it. We're all over-committed, but this project does mean alot to me, and that train has a stop up ahead.