News this week!
The KerBop Sketch Album is almost complete. Stay tuned.

What IS complete is new chapter covers!!
Check them out:
new KB covers:
Chapter 3 new cover
Chapter 2 new cover

see all new covers (including chapter 1) in GALLERY

You can also check out my INSTAGRAM. I’m starting to post there more and more, you can occasionally get sneak peeks at upcoming comic uploads :)

I have even more exciting news coming: soon, the long-awaited newly colored pages 13-71 will be uploaded. By end of May all of KerBop will be colored. This is the next major move :)

Also, I’ve kicked off a new newsletter, which will feature news and info for my many art endeavors and also discounts / freebies / offers and other secrets. Sign up here:

Don’t forget my blog is at — news about KerBop and other projects will also be posted there. I’m also going to be posting word on my findings in webcomicry and other art-biz topics.

Big Wow went awesome, met many good folks and learned a lot. That’s all for now :)