I’ll transcribe the text here for those who have trouble reading cursive:

“Heroes of the Realm!
It is the will of Her Royal Highness, Her Excellency King Alexandria, that every knight, hero, champion, page and squire… Be made aware of an AMENDMENT to Royal Decree Number 416, which heretofore stated the HAND of Princess FeyVi would be AWARDED to the first knight, hero, champion etc. etc. to SLAY a DRAGON. From THIS DAY FORTH the DECREE shall read as FOLLOWS…”

This weekend (that is, today) I’ll be at FANIME San Jose. Just hanging out :) I’ll be helping out at the table of my friend Hannah McGill with her work Dinosaur Friends! So you may be able to find either she or I if you come around to table 747 in the Art Alley :)

Are you looking for a way to support KerBop? Would you like an ebook with exclusive sketches from the last 10 years of my KerBop concept art?? Check out the 2015 KerBop Sketch Album:
It costs only $5 and proceeds will support the comic and related comic efforts! Find it on Gumroad :)

That was my attempt at promotional-y talk :)

Also this coming Friday I’ll be sending out the 3rd edition of my monthly Newsletter. Sign Up to get in on the fun!

Since I’m here and I have you listening, I will blab a bit longer about all the crazy endeavors I’m up to. Did you know that I have an instagram and that it is pretty much my current art portfolio? I got on this kick this week where I was sketching people in the 90’s photo book on Harajuku street fashion Fruits. Few things are quite as nice as listening to comics podcasts and watercoloring punk fashion. Amongst the podcasts I was listening to were Giant Size Channel, Light Grey Podcast, The Ink Pit and The School of Greatness (I mix my comics podcast diet with occasional podcasts on business startups- there’s some surprising similarities.)

Also I wanted to remind everyone that I have RECOLORED a large number of pages. Please refer to the ARCHIVE to look back at new and improved pages 13 through 28.

Speaking of re-coloring, I am looking for a few good colorists to help out with coloring remaining uncolored pages (basically 29 thru 71– its a lot). Details are on this page here. It’s a paying gig if you or anyone you know is interested in participating! :)

I’m so crazy active these days that I have plenty I could blab on about. But for now, I’ll let that be my blab. I’m looking forward to a lot of awesome upcoming projects and looking forward to seeing anyone I may run into at Fanime :) Peace out, all